We’ve Struck Gold, Fool’s Gold that is! Duff Quarry’s Rich Ohio Mineral History.

Duff Quarry Pyrite

Duff Quarry has been known as one of Ohio’s richest mineral deposits, especially for Pyrite or Fool’s Gold as it is commonly known.  President/CEO Jim Duff comments, “Even though we are no longer able to open the quarry to collectors, we like to share that there is a little bit of gold that leaves with every load of Duff rock.” For over 30 years, mineralogists have been studying pyrite specimens from Duff Quarry’s Huntsville, Ohio location and reporting on them in numerious magazines and published reports.

Today, these minerals are crushed and processed into many sizes of stone and then shipped out by truck to area projects and consumers. It’s not uncommon to find some very nice pieces in the driveways of many homes and business in and around Hardin, Logan, Champaign and other counties within delivery range of the quarry.

Pyrite pocket formed under stylolite found at Duff Quarry Image from http://VasichkoMinerals.com

Duff Quarry is known for its large deposit that contains pyrite, the largest of any other quarry in Ohio and quite possibly the United States. Pyrite can form many different crystal patterns and Duff Quarry is one of the few locations where many different crystal forms can be found together in the deposit itself.

Due to new federal mining and safety requirements, the quarry does not allow rock hunting or collecting, but they do encourage visitors to see a collection of specimins on display inside of the Huntsville quarry dispatch room or photos on www.duffquarry.com.

The Huntsville Duff quarry contains dolomitic limestone and has a bluish grey color and is excellent for construction materials like concrete and asphalt production. The upper layers can have a reddish hue because of the high iron content. The lower layers of the quarry contain a dense dark grey rock that is in laminated sheets.

For more about the mineralogy of Duff Quarry, check out VasichkoMinerals.com for a detailed look at the quarry’s rich mineral deposits.  If you would like to find out more about Duff Quarry’s history, please subscribe to our newsletter on the upper right of the page.

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