Burning Ring of Fire

Summer at the lake has come and gone but we won’t forget those “hot summer nights”. The Indian Lake Chamber offers us an annual event to stop and reflect on the season with friends and family, good times and laughter.

The event being the Indian Lake Ring of Fire is scheduled in September of each year. It is the lake’s oldest tradition dating back to 1961 when amusement park manager, AM Brown presented the idea of ringing the lake with flares to the Chamber of Commerce. The origin of red flares came from the Seneca tribe of New York State, who celebrated a bountiful harvest by lighting bonfires around the shores of the lake.

In the past, the Indian Lake Ring of Fire signified the end of the peak recreational seasonal between Memorial Day and Labor Day. We and our friends of the Indian Lake Chamber Commerce now look at it in a different way. The Ring of Fire signals the start of new seasons at Indian Lake, Autumn and Winter.

We’re proud to operate our family owned business in the Indian Lake Area and offer support to the Chamber when possible. As we gear up for the next season and New Year, we’ll continue to save space for flares and honor a long-time tradition.

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